Project Description

Blackstripe Media Foundation

The Big Debate is one of South Africa’s most popular current affairs talk shows with a large audience reach and presence on social media and radio.

The Big Debate


The Big Debate South Africa, produced by the Blackstripe Media Foundation, is a popular  South African television debate series  on SABC 2, with a focus on pertinent contemporary political topics to South Africa. It is conducted in a “town hall debate” style with the presenter Redi Tlhabi.

OSF-SA support contributed to the production of special episodes of The Big Debate dealing with election related topics.


Shows focus on key topics, such as land, election campaigns, energy governance, corruption, gender based violence and other issues which are part of political discussions ahead of the elections.

The Land Show

A major innovation in this season of The Big Debate, which was made possible by OSF Special Election Funding was the inclusion of a poll, open to audience members at home. Participation in the poll exceeded all expectations, ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 participants.

big-debate-land-distibution-1080x675 press release #SAElections 2019
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Elections Campaign Show

Corruption and Accountability