Project Description

Childrens Radio Foundation #SAElections2019

The Children’s Radio Foundation uses radio to create opportunities for youth dialogue, leadership and active citizenship through training mentorship and broadcast opportunities. Utilizing the platform of community radio stations allows young reporters to amplify youth experiences and opinions on the local level.

Wits Radio Academy #SAElections2019

The Wits Radio Academy is a centre of training, research and public engagement in the field of radio. Based at the University of the Witwatersrand, the academy aims to make a special contribution to the development of radio in South Africa and beyond, with a particular focus on community radio.

Community Radio Elections Training (in partnership with the Media Development and Diversity Agency)


Community radio speaks particularly to people in disadvantaged communities and on local issues; it has the potential to bring marginalised voices into the mainstream fostering civic participation and freedom of expression. Community radio listenership is estimated to be in the region of 8 million peple and it is often the primary source of information and news for many South Africans. OSF-SA’s strategy therefore recognises that radio remains an important medium for sharing information and serving disadvantaged, rural and marginalised communities. Community radio stations also play an important role in setting the agenda of community development, mobilising individuals around these issues and being democracy deepening institutions. With the right support, resources and content, community radio stations can hold officials to account, bring out diverse opinions in the lead-up to elections and encourage community participation and dialogue about policy and implementation issues.

In partnership with Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) and the Department of Communications OSF-SA supported nationwide training and the development of training material for community radio stations. Training materials were developed by Wits Radio and the Children’s Radio Foundation. Fact Checking training was done by Africa Check.

Additionally Wits Radio has created a Community Radio News Desk, which will:

    1. Mentor and support local news teams on local coverage of election issues, encouraging independent, quality coverage that empowers local audiences.
    2. Encourage interchange of material between participating community stations.
    3. Place material in mainstream media where possible.
    4. Monitor attempts to harass / pressure / intimidate local journalists, connect them to support where necessary and draw attention to such incidents.


  • Development of a Community Radio Elections Toolkit
  • Development of the Community Radio News Desk
  • National training of 121 station managers and community media journalists from 69 community radio stations.


Visit the Community Radio News Desk