Project Description

Citizen Justice Network #SAElections2019

CJN trains community paralegals to be radio journalists in South Africa and Kenya.

Election Reporting Project


Citizen Justice Network (CJN) works with community radio stations all around the country. Community radio speaks particularly to people in disadvantaged communities and on local issues; it has the potential to bring marginalised voices into the mainstream fostering civic participation and freedom of expression. Community radio listenership is estimated to be in the region of 8 million South Africans and it is often the primary source of information and news for many South Africans. OSF-SA therefore recognises that radio remains an important medium for sharing information and serving disadvantaged, rural and marginalised communities. Community radio stations also play an important role in setting the agenda of community development, mobilising individuals around these issues and being democracy deepening institutions. With the right support, resources and content, community radio stations can hold officials to account, bring out diverse opinions in the lead-up to elections and encourage community participation and dialogue about policy and implementation issues.

CJN is training journalists from a mix of CJN’s partner stations and new stations in Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) to help them to produce high qulaity mutli-lingual and local election-based content. CJN will teach the reporters how to follow a single story over several weeks and build on it gradually, producing bulletins and interviews for the station as they go. CJN will supply them with voice recorders to capacitate them that they can keep after the project has finished. CJN will assist themto produce a 25-minute documentary packages around their story in mulitple South African languages.


  • CJN has developed a model for community radio stations to build deeper investigations, specifically around the elections.
  • 9 Community Journalists have been recruited
  • CJN  has started a micro-site specifically for this election project.

CJN’s Elections Journalists:

Citizen Reporters For Elections ’19

our team of citizen journalists #SAElections2019 OSF-SA