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My Vote Counts (MVC) works to improve the accountability, transparency and inclusiveness of elections and politics in the Republic of South Africa.

MVC works to ensure that the political and electoral systems are open, fair and accountable to the public and that they remain relevant in the changing South African socio-political context.

MVC aims to achieve its objectives through systemic and structural change by campaigning for the amendment or introduction legislation and other regulatory measures; and creating platforms which unite citizens and organisations in finding democratic solutions to the challenges of our time, with a particular focus on civic, legal and political education.

Raising Awareness of Key Issues in the Run Up to the 2019 Elections


My Vote Counts (MVC) is currently working on several projects aimed at enhancing awareness of critical subjects that the electorate should have access to and have the choice to consider when deciding who to vote for in the 2019 elections.

My Vote Counts believe that voters and the public at large have the right to make their decisions from an informed position and that this deepens democracy when there is a free flow of information.

MVC’s election-related projects are:

  1. Private funding of political parties

MVC will develop and distribute material that highlights key donations made to the major political parties. We have a right to know who fund our political parties. As the depth of State Capture continues to be exposed, we need to interrogate the role of dirty money in our politics. The new Political Party Funding Act will help to close the opportunities for this type of corruption, but there is real value in making this information available to the public to illustrate the extent to money has influenced South Africa’s political system.

  1. Workshops

MVC will run an educational workshops with partners and extend invites to civil society organisations to update people about the Political Party Funding Act, how it will be implemented and the impact they expect it to have on the political landscape in terms of accountability and transparency.

  1. Manifestos

MVC will be producing and distributing accessible material that draws attention to several key policy positions of the four main political parties.

  1. Intra-party democracy

MVC have launched a project to begin to understand and interrogate the extent to which political parties operate democratically internally.


In January 2019, MVC helped to organize and co-hosted an event in Johannesburg with the Kwazulu-Natal Christian Council, with the financial and logistical assistance of OSF-SA. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together civil society and religious groups to discuss the upcoming elections, major concerns, and to see if there were overlapping work and room for collaboration.

MVC is in the process of contributing written material to a booklet being developed by one of the OSF-SA Democracy Fellows. The booklet will be a simple and accessible guide to voting and cover topics such as why voting is important, where to vote, a history of voting and building tolerance in communities. The intention is for organisations across the country to distribute this material in the run up to the elections.


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